Discover les miniatures Dolce Vita by Delvaux on ‘Ceci n’est pas une boutique’

19.04.2020 - Editorial

Delvaux presents the Miniatures Dolce Vita, three mini Brillant handbags representing Italian spirit, flair and humour. Continuing la Maison’s tradition of Miniatures - collections that celebrate cultural emblems with a highly playful touch - these decorative charms, made for wearing, carrying and collecting, embody Delvaux’s solidarity with our cherished neighbour, Italy. A country loved for its easygoing nature and pleasure-seeking soul, this latest collection pays homage to its generosity and spirited way of life. 

 © DELVAUX Miniatures Dolce Vita Motoretta

Charismatic and joyful, the Miniatures personify iconic Italian symbols, from the stately Duomo Cathedral in Milan to the much loved Motoretta and the colourful Arlecchino. Masterpieces of fine leather and artisanal savoir-faire, these tiny ambassadors of the Dolce Vita are skillfully handmade using sophisticated techniques such as screen printing and embossing. 

 © DELVAUX Miniatures Dolce Vita Duomo

A first in Delvaux history, the collection will be available to order online, along with all other Delvaux Miniatures collections. The brand-new, pop-up online store, ‘Ceci n’est pas une boutique’, will be accessible from the Delvaux website. 

Offering a serene retail experience from the safety of home, it will be available to all EU markets. Twenty percent of sales will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, established by the World Health Organization in their fight against COVID-19. 


Founded in Brussels in 1829, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world and has been active without interruption since its beginnings. Delvaux is the inventor of the modern handbag, having filed in 1908 the first ever handbag patent. For over 190 years, la Maison has been both avant-garde and true to the finest traditions of craftsmanship while conveying the grandeur, heritage and symbols of Belgian culture. Official purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium since 1883, Delvaux has remained steadfast in its devotion to sharing and celebrating Belgian cultural references and values.