Always felt like flying an airplane?

18.06.2019 - Editorial

AviaSim Brussels offers individuals and companies the opportunity to sit in an airplane flight simulator. This experience is for all beginners and enthusiasts from 10 years old onwards. Until now the feeling of flying an aircraft has been reserved for professionals only. With AviaSim it has now become accessible to all! You will be able to take the captain's place, take off and land on the airport of your choice, flying over one of more than 24,000 cities. AviaSim's aim is to immerse the audience into a realistic environment gets achieved with their high-tech simulator. The cockpit includes a 180° screen, three projectors to simulate the horizon and three observer seats, in addition to the two steering seats.

Always felt like flying an airplane?

At the forefront of simulation performance, the AviaSim simulator is ideally suited for training pilots and maintaining their skills. For non-professionals, the experience starts with a ten minute briefing with a professional pilot. Once the desired flight has been chosen, the right hand is on the throttles, the other on the controls and the adventure begins.

Always felt like flying an airplane?

AviaSim Brussels, also offers an anti-stress internship that helps to tame your fear to travel through the air. The simulator is a very useful instrument to learn and memorize stress management techniques and to better understand the world of aeronautics.

Always felt like flying an airplane?

Practical Information:

Avenue Louise 363
1050 Brussels
T.+32 2 354 02 04
Open every day except Monday and Sunday
From 10am to 7pm
Discovery pack from 99 euro




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