5 Belgian Easter Chocolate creations not to miss

31.03.2018 - Editorial

The first recorded purchase of chocolates in Belgium was made by the abbot of Baudeloo Abbey in Ghent. The receipt was issued in 1635. The Belgian sole was then occupied by the Spaniards who brought cocoa beans to Europe from their Central and South American colonies. (Thank you Spaniards!) Chocolates were then sold as medicine.  Today chocolates are still Belgian's favourite medecine. We use it to cure about everything : broken hearts, overweight, hangovers and bad hair...

Easter is thus by far one of our most important holy-days. It's the time of the year where chocolates get really cute. To help you choose we pre-selected 5 eastern creations not to miss. Enjoy.


1. Chocolate Sheep by © Joost Arijs

Chocolate Sheep by Joost Arijs

2. Easter Eggs and bunnies collection by © Pierre Marcolini

Easter Eggs and bunnies collection by Pierre Marcolini

3. Classic Easter giftbox by © Neuhaus

Classic Easter giftbox by Neuhaus

4. Peacock eggs by © Wittamer

Peacock eggs by Wittamer

5. Chocolate Eggs by © BOON

Chocolate Eggs by BOON




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