MAD Exhibition of GIUSEPPEVIRGONE + Guests

15.07.2019 - Editorial

After his short period at La Cambre Mode(s), GIUSEPPEVIRGONE went directly to Paris for an internship at Delphine Murat as an accessory designer and then to Gaspard Yurkievich where he had the opportunity to work on men’s collections. Back in Belgium he started to create his own universe, to destructure the male cloakroom, in search of new cuts. From this came the GIUSEPPEVIRGONE brand. The dark colours, which have an important place in this cloakroom, are counterbalanced by the openings and shapes created. The superposition of materials brings a heavy side to the silhouette of the GIUSEPPEVIRGONE man. Space and body movements are always present when he creates and designs a new collection. He destructures the silhouette to give way to a fall, the goal being to drown the body until creating a new silhouette and another movement.

MAD Exhibition of GIUSEPPEVIRGONE + Guests

« Silence Smell Vibration » is the name of the Spring-Summer 2020 collection. The collection reflects a mix of an English suburban universe, hooligans and plants. With Antoine Grenez’s prints, he brings a lightness on clothes that symbolizes rebellion with the pictural aggressive work of Zéphir Moreels. This project is Giuseppe Virgone’s idea of the borderline between the unconscious and reality. 

With the partcipation of:
Antoine Grenez
Zephir Moreels
Soor Studio
Pacôme Le Rouge

MAD Exhibition of GIUSEPPEVIRGONE + Guests

Practical Information:

Place du Nouveau
Marché aux grains 10,
1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 880 85 62

Mon - Fri 
11:00 - 18:00
FINISSAGE >>> 25.07 - 18:00 

Entry : Free




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