Dries, a documentary

31.03.2017 - Rachele

Discreetly released the 18 March 2017 at the CPH:DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Dries is a documentary film by the German filmmaker Reiner Holzemer about the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten.

©Dries - Movie poster by Tommy Ton - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Although he is an emblematic figure of fashion design, Dries Van Noten has always preferred to step aside and let his flamboyant creations speak for him. Exceptions made during the Fashion Weeks, the Belgian rarely let himself caught in the spotlights. Yet he accepted to be followed by the cameras of Holzemer and let the filmmaker.

©Dries - Photograph from the movie by Reiner Holzomer - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

The idea behind the project came from Holzemer himself. As he was following a shooting in Dries' garden, he came across some of the designer's dresses and was fascinated by their beauty. And from the moment they met, he was won over by the person who created them. At that moment, he knew he had a good theme.

©Dries - Dries with one of his models. Photograph from the movie by Reiner Holzemer - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

But convincing Dries Van Noten was not the easiest part of the work. Holzemer was very optimistic when he first approached the Belgian and kept it all the way. The designer was interested in the idea but thought that it was the wrong time for such a project. One day, maybe. And what was "one day" became three years. After three years, Holzemer convinced Van Noten it was now or never.  And the project finally came true.

©Dries - Choosing the fabrics. Photograph from the movie by Reiner Holzemer - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

This film offers a glimpse into the life, soul and heart of the Belgian fashion designer. Dries draws an captivating and intimate portrait of the flemish fasion designer Dries Van Noten. For an entire year Reiner Holzemer documented the conception of four collections from the choice of fabric, embroidery and prints to the finished designs as well as the famous fashion shows bringing his collection in the spotlights.

©Dries - Printed fabrics. Photograph from the movie by Reiner Holzemer - BELGIANBOUTIQUE


Dries - Bozar Première on 31 March 2017 at 20.00 and from 5 April 2017. More info on www.bozar.be

Find out more about the film ont the official website https://www.driesfilm.com/