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08.03.2017 - Rachele
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Leaving the hustle and bustle of the many fashion weeks behind, as well as the restraints to creativity that go with them, and joining forces rather than walking alone, choosing authenticity over productivity. That, in a nutshell, is the code of conduct that Justine de Moriamé (30 years old) and Erika Schillebeeckx (28 years old) swear by. They teamed up to launch Studio Krjst, an inspiring, contemporary workshop.

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Artsy scribbles

Erika Schillebeeckx and Justine de Moriamé had only just graduated from La Cambre when they set up Krjst, a clothing brand that, from the outset, aimed to blend styles and inspiring prints, creating links with contemporary art.  In 2012 this creative duo started launching seasonal collections, which were presented at every fashion week, before choosing a different path, more in line with their true passions. They decided to break away from the rigid models imposed by the sector, which could have marked the end of their creative endeavours. Instead, they thrived. Their small Brussels-based studio harnessed the power of social media to attract a wide range of brands, from Eastpak to McAlson and Huawei. The result of these encounters are atypical and fun consumer goods: prints for backpacks and men’s underwear, as well as background images for mobile phones. The common thread? A strong sense of identity embodied by two ‘scribblers’ who aim to push the boundaries of their graphics research and techniques through art, crafts and new technologies.

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In five years, Erika and Justine developed a coherent new concept with the support of freelance artists (including Sébastien Delahaye, a photographer who is in charge of the studio’s photography, and Carol Laurent, who takes charge of project development). Do Erika and Justine regret their stint in the more traditional textiles sector? Clearly not. They see these two odd years as a life experience and an opportunity to redefine their concept and to build on their real ambitions.

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Bouchery & Inri 

The Krjst ladies take their time to create and explore new fields (printing, weaving, image development, scenography etc.), which enables them to get in touch with different studios and brands that also believe in sustainable products. Their latest collaborations include a project with N. Vrouyr, an Antwerp-based producer of hand-made carpets. Together, they created two breathtaking models which, we hope, are the first step towards a permanent partnership. Another recent collaboration is a woven triptych installation created for restaurant Bouchery in Brussels. These projects aside, have Erika and Justine turned their backs on textiles forever now? Not at all. On their studio website, they offer about a dozen archive models (woven coats, shirts or printed scarves), available exclusively on order and in limited edition.

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This highlights the timeless character of these textile gems and is just the first step in the development of Inri, a mixed capsule collection of ‘non-seasonal’ clothing which will be launched in April. The idea is for this collection to be distributed exclusively online and in selected ‘showroom’ boutiques in Belgium and abroad. The studio’s key value is authenticity, which comes to life through a perfect balance of art and fashion, craftsmanship and innovation. And although the general public and even professionals sometimes fail to grasp what Erika and Justine aim to achieve, they couldn’t be bothered. One thing is certain: a slow - and mainly patient - approach is definitely their thing. And rightly so!

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