Expat Series: Meet Christophe De Vos

09.06.2017 - Editorial board

Christophe De Vos is a Belgian expat in Sweden who founded De Vos Belgisk Öl, a Belgium-based brewery that exports to his adopted country. De Vos has a passion for graphic design and has been a serial entrepreneur throughout his life. We reached out to De Vos to learn about how he interjects his homeland into a foreign community.

© Christophe De Vos - Selfie - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Christophe De Vos.

Belgian Boutique : Which opportunity / reason triggered you to move abroad?
Christophe De Vos : My wife worked for Volvo Cars in Gent. She was asked to come to Sweden for a 3-year long Expat contract. After that they offered her a local contact, which we accepted.

Belgian Boutique : How do you connect to your home country?
Christophe De Vos: We go to Belgium a few times per year. We have a lot of friends and family coming to Sweden to visit us. And of course we Skype a lot.

Belgian Boutique : Are you planning to leave / stay / come back?
Christophe De Vos : At the moment Sweden is our home. The kids go to the international school and I have started my own business, brewing beer. De Vos Belgisk Öl is the name of my company. But you never know where the wind will bring us.

© Christophe De Vos - View from his house - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

View from Christophe's home. 

Belgian Boutique Which expats should be known / discovered?
Christophe De Vos : Joke Guns, she writes children's books. Jan Verschueren, Jani Creations.

Belgian Boutique : What do you miss the most from your home country?
Christophe De Vos : Family and friends. But when the years go by we have build a new social network in Sweden. And the typical Belgian “Café”.

Belgian Boutique : What product or service should you like to import to Belgium?
Christophe De Vos : The nature and the Swedish “lagom”, which means "do not overdo." But that can also work on my nerves now and then.

Belgian Boutique : What’s your favourite place to relax in Belgium?
Christophe De Vos : Relaxing we do in Sweden. That is one of the reasons we stayed. We take a grill, some food and drinks and go out with our bikes to a lake and enjoy. When we go to Belgium, it is never relax. Visiting family and friends, rushing from here to there.

Belgian Boutique : What is your favourite Belgian dish?
Christophe De Vos : Ordinary French fries from a ‘frietkot’. Every time we go to Belgium we try to make time for this. You can not find this in Sweden. You have Gatukök (streetkitchen) but they serve McDonalds french fries and hamburger.

Belgian Boutique : Where do you go for a truly Belgian meal?
Christophe De Vos : We make it at home. I can make a delicious ‘Stoverij met frieten’. And off course I make it with my Dubbel beer.

Belgian Boutique What can we always find in your fridge?
Christophe De Vos : Beer, wine, and some snacks for if there are visitors.

© Christophe De Vos - What's in his fridge ? - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What's in Christophe's fridge ?