New York Design Week: Alain Gilles

22.05.2017 - Editorial board
© Alain Gilles Studio - Evolutions first collection - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Evolution is a new French kitchen tools brand based in Normandy, launched by Vincent Le Guern and designed by Alain Gilles. The brand offers a first collection of four innovative, fresh and reassuring products based on the rich French and European culinary tradition.
Through sensual and graphic shapes, Evolution offers products with innovative functionalities that follow the evolution in one's rhythm and way of life and that have been designed to last in time.
Three products of the range have been edited by Evolution in a copper-finish in collaboration with historic French brand Mauviel 1830 thus re-imagining the values of this great French house.

© Alain Gilles Studio - Madame is served - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

"Madame is served"! That is the name of this beauty. A mix between tradition and modernity. From the most refined presentation to the storage in the most standard cupboard. The possibility to do a variety of presentations by treating the base and the plate of the tart server as two separate elements. By reversing the base, it turns into a bowl that can be used to serve the various sauces that sometimes accompany the cake.  The plate is conceived in such a way that it helps cut and serve equal portions of the tart thanks to some small encrusted marque. This tart server is a piece that will be a decorative element even when not in use. 

© Alain Gilles Studio - Hot stuff - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

This meat thermometer really deserves not to be hidden away in a drawer. It echoes the very archetype of this kind of product while bringing it right up to date, but with class. It has an external graphic display that you set beforehand, making it easy to tell when the internal indicator reaches the desired temperature, and it also prevents the thermometer from rolling away when resting on your working surface. It’s fitted with a simplified, elegant dial and additional design variations. Hot stuff is the name! 

© Alain Gilles Studio - Undercover - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

These are ordinary, everyday items, whose features have been enhanced thanks to the application of a second skin in a very graphic manner. The beauty of the carafe is that the neck, which is emphasized, becomes the handle. Here we have a fine balance between modernized conventional designs and a funnel-shaped neck for ease of handling. This is a dialogue between materials and different periods in time. This is undercover.

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