"Belgium is an ideal country for developing new ideas"

05.05.2017 - Editorial board

Belgium and Brazil. Some people dream of bringing them together… on a football pitch. Davide Parrilli unites them through the furniture and objects that he produces. They are brought together in a collection presented for ars fabricandi, which is the name of the young brand that he founded. It is a resolutely modern label in which in particular young Brazilian, Italian and Belgian designers collaborate. They communicate with a Latin-based language and with "north-south" accents.  Davide Parrilli loves integration and diversity, and does not rule out any material or proposal without due consideration. His desires are great and varied.

ars fabricandi-molelcula table-ana Neute - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Variety clearly does not frighten Davide Parrilli, it nourishes him. This Italian, born in Rome, has lived in Venice and then Belgium. He is a lawyer and has headed the design label ars fabricandi since 2015. But the adventure actually began in 2012, when this young man decided to showcase Belgian design in São Paulo. Brazil is a country very close to his heart.  Bram Boo and the lighting brand Kinetura participated in the project. The idea of creating a design brand gradually gained momentum. "To begin with, I mainly wanted to work with Brazilian designers, but I very soon felt the desire to expand the collaborations.  I chose the name ars fabricandi for several reasons. It highlights the international character of the brand and my love for Latin culture. It also is a reference to the art of producing and making things."

ars fabricandi-hai - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Encounters and stories

When Davide is asked how he came up with his collection, he explains that it is the result of a series of meaningful encounters and, by way of example, mentions his collaboration with Frédéric Delbart. "I met him in Tokyo, last year. We went out together there and we had fun. I already knew him as an artist and I got to know him as a person."  A good feeling and a proposal. "I asked Frédéric: do you fancy making something by ars fabricandi?  I showed him the pieces that existed at the time and talked to him about my desire to work on putting together a living room collection. Frédéric created a coffee table.  He was inspired by Roman architecture. The result is the wood and glass "Arena" table. It is a piece that is both simple and complex in its construction. For the wooden part, we used Kenny Vanden Berghe's Atelier CNC in Brussels. Today, Arena has been prototyped and is attracting considerable interest."  Davide is also working with Sam Baron's design studio Fabrica. "Nothing is decided beforehand. I meet designers, I want to work with them and I try to identify the elements that bring them together in order to achieve the coherency of the collection. Above all, I rule nothing out and especially not any materials. Beauty is everywhere." 

ars fabricandi-miscle - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

For those who are curious

The first ars fabricandi collection was recently presented in Milan, at the Palazzo Litta, alongside the Belgitude exhibition, organised by Belgium is Design. It was a great success. "I am happy because our collection captivated people who were open, curious to discover new designers and interested in our stories. The target audience of ars fabricandi are people that like to take the time to develop a passion for objects. At present, some of our products are sold in Lisbon and we have various opportunities in terms of online sales and in the Asian market."

ars fabricandi-arima - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Exhibiting the work

Next stage of the project? The opening of a showroom in Molenbeek, in the "Studio With A View" building, already occupied by artists and designers. It is a space that fits perfectly with the approach to design preferred by Davide. "I am not very keen on the design gallery concept. Galleries are often presented as a blank, pure and excessively clean space. In my opinion, talking about design means talking about tools, objects, dust and people who are working. I see our showroom more as a workshop.  The aim is to invite people to see the pieces in a place where the designers think, create and produce."

An inspired and inspiring Belgium

 Bringing up the workshop allows Davide Parrilli to go back to where it all began: his passion for two countries that are far apart geographically but both have Latin-based languages.  "Brussels is the ideal place to create ars fabricandi. My passion for Brazil was born in Italy but my passion for design began here, in Brussels. In Belgium, the conditions are ideal for developing this type of project because, when it comes to design, it is at earlier stage of growth than some others. Creating a design brand in Milan would be difficult. In Belgium, there is also enormous curiosity about others. Brazilian design? There are people here who know and appreciate it.  Finally, there are quite a lot of young people who are launching new businesses in the semi-industrial or craft sector. This enables the creation of cross-cutting, varied and sustainable collaborations."




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