Silversquare's designer offices re-connect entrepreneurs

30.03.2020 - Editorial
Portrait of Jane Haesen by © Lydie Nesvadba

In a couple of weeks when we can meet, greet and get social again you might consider (re)launching your business in one of the Silversquare co-working offices. Silversquare, pioneer of coworking in Belgium, just opened its first space in Flanders in Zaventem, 5 minutes from Brussels National Airport, these new collaborative workspaces were imagined by neo-designer Jane Haesen, to invite future residents to meet in a cozy loft atmosphere.

© Silversquare / pictures by Jules Cesure

Lady Jane

The inner harmony entrusted to Jane Haesen Known under the pseudonym Lady Jane, with her Catclub evenings, she has been creating Brussels nights with inclusive and cutting-edge atmospheres since the early 2000s. This collaboration with Silversquare represents for her an original experience, but coherent since she is used to transform places with emblematic architecture (a former art deco bank, a baroque church, etc.) into ephemeral spaces. This new coworking project was an opportunity for her to redouble her ingenuity and creativity. 

© Silversquare / pictures by Jules Cesure

It is also an innovative initiative on the part of Silversquare, which dared to share its points of view with artists "outside the seraglio". Lionel Jadot is to baptize the concept, followed by Jane Haesen, first designer without prior architectural training requested for this project. "This approach is of particular interest to Silversquare, because the personalities who have developed an alternative way of living in spaces go further than architects or interior decorators sometimes formatted by their habits of the trade. Soon, other renowned creatives will apply their signature to other sites, such as the artist duo Krijst.

"I didn't focus on strictly "office" spaces, but in terms of intuition and fun." The strictly corporate side puts her off, so she wanted to create a polymorphic place to work efficiently, and which exudes the harmony of a "home".

© Silversquare / pictures by Jules Cesure

Jane Haesen details her reflection: "For this Silversquare Zaventem project, I followed a guideline: keep the industrial soul of the original building while playing on the detail of the finishes and avoid a repetitive structure. Coworking was a whole new world for me. My goal was to create a space that emancipates itself from traditional codes, to avoid the cliché of an office that is too clean and soulless for coworkers. We have mixed comfort and modernism, by intermingling the notions of Green Houses and work studio to develop a place dedicated to creation, restful relaxation and reflection. I used a very strong, innovative and well-defined color palette. It allowed me to create a place where everything is coordinated and can be customized, something very conceptual. As did artists like Mondrian or Rietveld. By this I mean that each office, each section can be in keeping with the personality of each one of them, thanks to the furniture and the play of colors. The modality of spaces is at the heart of the DNA of the project."


A few words on Silversquare 


Created in 2008, Silversquare now manages 6 coworking spaces in Belgium and Luxemburg and has more than 1,000 companies and 2,300 members. Silversquare strives to promote knowledge sharing, innovation and networking within its centers. This "Open Incubator" approach is specific to Silversquare, which organizes up to 300 events per year and makes its spaces real urban entrepreneurial hubs! Silversquare thus organizes trainings, pitches, think tanks and events in a unique atmosphere. Silversquare offers inspiring and ready-to-use workspaces (which include reception, furniture, catering, meeting rooms, IT services, photocopiers, etc.). Silversquare offers its members flexible or fixed offices, or even private office space for SMEs as part of an affiliate contract with flexible duration (1 day, 1 month, 1 year, etc.). All spaces are easily accessible by car, public transport or bicycle and many services are available to users: nursery, fitness center and restaurant.

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