Only Belgians can come up with this: drinking fine gin to protect mountain gorillas

04.08.2018 - Editorial

If you think there was no more room for a new gin brand, think again. Siblings Alexis and Sophie Lebedoff together with Batiste Ryckaert have just launched Virunga Gin - a name that prides itself on supporting the world famous mountain gorillas.

The three creators came up with the idea when travelling through the Virunga Mountains in Central Africa. While enjoying nature and tasting local liquor, plants, and herbs, they thought of developing a spirits company that would give a percentage of each sale to the protection of wildlife. So, "Wilderness Spirits" was born.

Virunga Gin is the first product launched by the team. The brand contributes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund that focuses on the conservation of the critically endangered mountain gorillas and their habitat. The Virunga National Park, that stretches over Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, is the home to over 1000 of these apes and with the help of projects like this, this number is increasing.

The gin draws its essence from the foggy forest overlooking the volcanoes of Central Africa. The precise blend of rare African botanicals and the know-how of one of the oldest English distilleries make this gin a reflection of the mountain gorillas – robust and strong at first glance to yet full of true tenderness and finesse.

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