Fashion that reads our minds by designer and entrepreneur Jasna Rok

26.08.2018 - Editorial
Jasna Rok (left) and engineer Tom Demuynck (right)

Fashion is often used as a form of self-expression. However, designer Jasna Rok once took it one step further. She has created a line of clothing that change colour and shape depending on your mood. Her brand has developed a headset that reads your brain activity and adjusts your clothing accordingly. Crazy, right?

For Jasna, this is the everyday, The future of everyday at least. Her projects are about marrying technology with fashion in order to make our lives and our surroundings better off. And she has plenty of ideas how to do it.

Designs created for The Suicide Club - Rotterdam’s first rooftop bar

Jasna Rok is working on making our clothing smarter technologically. Garments that don’t get wet or dirty, that are odourless. Ones that you can print at home, that are biodegradable and just one single piece in general - one that fits any the weather or the occasion. Those are Rok’s projects and plans that she strives to make a common reality for everyone.

The line is highly recognisable and water and dirt-repellent thanks to its protective coating.

Were you born or did you become an entrepreneur?

Born with it, with an addition of hard work.

Do you think of fashion as an art or an industry?

I most certainly see fashion as an art as well as language that serves as means of expression. ''Fashion is in the sky, in the street, the way we live, what is happening" said Coco Chanel. Fashion as an interface to digital dimensions, it can be part of innovation and that lead to commercial cross-speciality collaborations. Currently, we are collaborating with high partners such as Nokia for the development of our next fashion collection on brainwaves.


Jasna Rok and partners

All alone at home, what do you wear?

My yoga pants.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Technology in all its forms and shapes, even the "small" inventions that enhance the user experience in everyday life.

How big/small is your personal wardrobe?

The ultimate goal is to work towards "One pièce de résistance".

Braight - a dress that changes colour according to your mood

What radical changes do you expect in your industry?

The ultimate one-piece, one that will even replace our smartphones. At the moment, we do pretty much everything with our phones; make payments, check the weather, stay in touch with loved ones and keep up with work. In the past, these were model examples of change when it came to payment methods and the use of applications.

There is a revolution in the making for the fashion industry. That is combining fashion with blockchain technologies, digital health, and data. The fashion industries as we know will be undergoing a massive makeover in the years to come.

Jasna Rok garments at New Delhi, India show

What is a problem you face every day that nobody has fixed yet?

How we control our surroundings. There should be a possibility to control everything with our brains, making tasks easier, and more efficient while enhancing the user experience. We have already taken the first steps with our fashion on brainwaves collection.

I would also say that teleportation is one thing that still needs to be tackled. And not only being able to travel through space but also - through time!

What's on your bucket list?

Achieving the realization of the ultimate garment. And of course a trip to mars - dare to dream big! The dream might be closer than we think as Jasna Rok has been invited to be a guest speaker at NASA this coming November. There is where the future is headed we have reached the international stages. We are ready to go to into outer space!

Exaltation - clothing that adjusts according to your brainwaves and stress levels © Ellie Van de Brande

Which Belgian talent should we feature on Belgian Boutique next? Why?

Elegnano shoes by Katrien Herdewyn. They are using the same nanotechnology that we use at Jasna Rok, while working on the development of ultimately having just one piece in our closets.

Mindlight - a piece that gives you real time neurofeedback on your state of concentration

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