Namur, the 2016 European capital of gastronomy

06.01.2016 - Dries Tack

What's new in 2016? Namur is the European capital of gastronomy!

On June 4th-7th 2016, Generation W will present Mindjî, the first European festival of gastronomy at the Citadel of Namur. The word Mindjî, meaning 'to eat' in Walloon, was chosen to represent this unique culinary and gastronomic event. Two dozen chefs from around 20 countries and regions in Europe will come together with the chefs of Generation W, the culinary core of Wallonia and Belgium. Accompanied by their favourite craftspersons and products, 10 Michelin-starred chefs will share their best culinary talents through tastings, conferences, demonstrations... Among these, the Start Gastronomy Lab will focus on the importance of the future of food and the benefits of healthy eating. Discovery, curiosity, love of great food and other culinary emotions will be offered to the general public and on the festival's program. 

Namur, the European capital of gastronomy
Namur, the European capital of gastronomy
Mindjî, Wallonia Food Festival & Symposium is organized by Generation W with the collaboration of Culinaria Agency.
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