Meet Eva: A Belgian Artist Living in NYC

16.03.2016 - Dries Tack

Eva Depoorter – Artist 

        Eva Depoorter is a Belgian expat who has been residing in New York City for the past 2 years. She became an artist as a way to fuel her creativity and contribute to humanity. Her drawings are typically self-portraits that encompass figurative aspects. She pours her pain and suffering into her artwork as a way of processing her suffrage by means of creating, which explains the somber and existential themes that are exposed from her pieces. Although an artist herself, Eva also promotes emerging NYC and BXL artists through her website MetaMoi gives viewers a chance to discover other talent and various artists from all over the world. Her willingness to provide personal works of expertise, as well as other individuals’, shows the passion she holds for art and everything that it accomplices.

Get to know Eva:

Why did you leave Belgium? / Why did you move to the USA?

-       “My husband got a job offer in NYC.”

How does your life look like right now?

-       “I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’m constantly on the brink of change: a highly addictive feeling fed by the endless energy of the city.”

Are Americans and Belgians very different?

-       “Americans have a distinct way of communicating. Of course, that doesn't make them ‘different’ in the strict sense of the world. It just makes it harder to read them. The first contact is always nice and easy – easier than with Europeans. But I feel like if you want a deeper friendship, you really have to pursue it much more than with Europeans. A friend once told me: it’s all about ‘breaking the code’. And that's an advice I keep in the back of my head.”

How do you connect to Belgium?

-       “In numerous ways: I talk and email with my family, I read Belgian newspapers but mostly, I think about it. I often have these vivid imaginary ‘trips’ to Brussels where I lived a huge chunk of my life. When I feel like that, I would really just love to head out, have beers with my sisters, stay until I’m drunk and walk home.”

How do you relax in the USA?

-       “I love to walk long distances in Manhattan. And I love it even better when I do it as fast as possible. It empties my head and sparks my creativity. It also helps me process things.”

What's your favorite US meal/treat?

-       “Pastrami sandwich! And pecan pie!” 

What do we have to do to get you back in Belgium?

-       “Love and chocolates and fries and américain préparé.”

Which Belgian do you admire most?

-        “That would be my husband. Simply because he’s larger than life.” 

Which American do you admire most?

-       “Again, my husband. He has double nationality.”

What was your biggest surprise in the USA?

-       “Definitely consumerism – I never grasped how ‘big’ it was until I actually moved here. And the way Americans talk. They talk ‘like in the movies’. And I guess that makes sense (: But still, it’s kind of really cool.”

What started your interest in art? / What do you get out from it?

-       “I do art because it’s something I have to do – not necessarily because I enjoy it. Sometimes it even hurts. But it heals me. And I feel like creating art is the only way I can purposely contribute to humanity.” 


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