Meet Anne: A Belgian Who Goes Beyond The Measure To Help Fellow Belgians Find Their Way In America

16.03.2016 - Dries Tack

Anne Savonie from Belgian Mondays

        Belgian Mondays is a non-profit organization that aims at gathering Belgian expats in or around cities such as Miami, Atlanta and New York City. The company’s goal is to give a helping hand to Belgians who are new to the area by arranging events once a month, on the first Monday. Belgian expat, Anne Savonie is in charge of organizing these outings in New York City.

Get to know Anne:

Why did you leave Belgium? / Why did you move to the USA?

-       “I married a Frenchman who had a job at the United Nations in New York and stayed here.”

How does your life look like right now?

-       “I love my life. I live in the middle of Manhattan and have a positive outlook on things.”

Are Americans and Belgians very different?

-       “Yes they are very different but we are all human beings, so we are very similar too.”

How do you connect to Belgium?

-       “I have close friends and family still in Belgium and visit often. I still cook like in Belgium and try to meet as many Belgians as I can in New York. I did not try to be an American, I stayed very Belgian.”

How do you relax in the USA?

-       “I go out, entertain friends, take day trips, sit in a restaurant, go to concerts and museums.”

What's your favorite US meal/treat?

-       “I like the quality of ingredients here.”

What do we have to do to get you back in Belgium?

-       “I will keep visiting regularly but don't plan to go back permanently.”

Which Belgian do you admire most?

-       “The people who conceived to put some parts of Flanders under water during the First World War.”

Which American do you admire most?

-       “Eleanor Roosevelt.”

What was your biggest surprise in the USA?

-       “The size of the country.”


In the past, Belgian Mondays NYC has met at La Petite Abeille, La Tarte Flambée, Neuhaus, and more.

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