Thomas Hick Folding Lamp kickstarts on October 27

08.10.2015 - Dries Tack

Even the most unique lamps offer limited choices for consumers wishing to customise and participate in the creative process. Thomas Hick changes that by giving more freedom and more options to design enthusiasts. The Folding Lamp is an origami-inspired, contemporary design lamp which blends a modern aesthetic with the individual creativity of users. The Folding Lamp is created from 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel which consumers fold along the dotted lines. Each piece is unique because individual owners shape the lamp by playing with the order and angle of each fold. The light shining through the folds and dotted lines makes the Folding Lamp a unique decorative solution in any home.

The Folding Lamp Thomas Hick
Thomas Hick Folding Lamp kickstarts on October 27

The Folding Lamp comes in six colour combinations to compliment any interior, including matte black and gold or sanded matte white and red chili. The optional Creator’s Kit version allows you to paint with your favourite colours for an even more personal experience. The lamp includes efficient LEDs that can be dimmed and switched on and o with a gentle touch to any side of the lamp. After having spent many years in New Zealand, architect Thomas Hick has returned to his Belgian birthplace, where he continues to work as an architect on a varied range of cultural and residential projects.

The lamp was originally created by Thomas as a wedding gift for a friend back in 2008. Inspired by the creativity of his kids, in 2015 Thomas teamed up with to improve the original design and launch the Folding Lamp internationally.

Available on Kickstarter

The Folding Lamp will be available to order on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on October 27. The campaign will run until December 12, 2015.

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Thomas Hick Folding Lamp kickstarts on October 27


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