29.01.2016 - Dries Tack

As many Belgians and Europeans, the team of Brussels based marketing agency www.escritoire.be was astonished by Mr Donald Trump’s outspoken feelings about Brussels. They are convinced that, with Belgian humour and wit, they can turn this story to Belgium's benefit. To start of they just launched a new participative platform www.hellhole.brussels.
www.hellhole.brussels aspires to bring together all creatives and entrepreneurs who love Brussels. Hellhole.brussels want to encourage them to come forward with ideas and products that highlight Belgian's unique savoir-faire and savoir-vivre. Hellhole.brussels ambition is to turn a low level insult into a quality brand and contribute to the local Brussels economy and tourism. Only Belgians could come up with this.

Who can join?

Hellhole.brussels welcomes dark beer brewers, bitter chocolate confectioners, jewellery designers, underground artists, sharp-penned writers, artisanal black pudding producers and deep house producers. The products will be sold on www.belgianboutique.com. All potential profit will be reinvested in young Brussels talent.

The minister of foreign affairs now knows where to shop for the perfect present.




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