From Maison Dandoy with love

10.02.2016 - Dries Tack
From Maison Dandoy with love  x Thomas Lélu

Maison Dandoy is the talk of the town. That’s good as they have the best biscuits in the world. The house managed - through an artist collaboration - to start the debate on what is or isn’t art.

Master chef for this delicate campaign is Thomas Lélu, a French artist, writer, photographer, art director and filmmaker. He started his career as a graphic designer before deciding to aim for the artist life. With numerous solo and group shows in prestigious museums all over the world you can say he pretty much achieved his goal.

His work is no more no less than provocative, full of humour and very straight forward. His ideas have the capacity of starting a debate.

This is what Amy Lynne Hayes wrote when she discovered by chance the work of Thomas Lélu : “This is the very reason I enjoy art and creativity, because it challenges your preconceived notions of “what is”, and opens your mind. Well done, Lélu. I am very glad it randomly happened down this street. Cheers to new discoveries!”

Maison Dandoy now offers the chance to discover the work of Thomas Lélu in one of their many great shops. Check out the new one on Place Stephanie, it’s an absolute treat for interior design lovers!

We think Maison Dandoy offered us a great Valentine gift and hope that once we get back to normal we will all be able to smile and appreciate art again. Even when tits or asses are involved.

Make love, not war.

© Dries Tack for Belgian Boutique

From Maison Dandoy with love  x Thomas Lélu
From Maison Dandoy with love  x Thomas Lélu

Artworks © Thomas Lélu


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