07.07.2015 - Dries Tack

The result of mixing genuine elegance with mistery has a name: Diane Pernet. Nobody seems to remain indifferent to the distinctive looks, black sunglasses and aura of incognito of this American-born women. But no wonder, as she has managed to gain a foothold in the industry, having worked as a fashion designer for her own brand and as an editor for big international magazines as Elle US, Joyce Magazine and Vogue France. The iconic fashion blogger and critic is truly someone with a story to tell, which is probably why a decade ago she launched her blog “A Shaded View on Fashion” (ASVOF) – nowadays a reference in terms of fashion, art and inspiration. While managing her current projects, she finds time to direct a Fashion Film Festival (ASVOFF), which allows her to bring talent together from both the fashion and the cinematographic industry. A real world citizen, Belgian Boutique wanted to know what related one of our favourite international bloggers to Belgium, in seven short questions.

What comes to your mind when you think of Belgium?

My strongest connection with Belgium is Antwerp and their fashion designers. First I think of the Royal Academy of Antwerp, the MoMu and AMUZ.  Also, in Belgium, Brussels and La Cambre and of course David Szeto who is a transplanted Canadian designer living there. And to be a bit banal, chocolate.

What do you think we look / dress like?

I love the Belgian style, conceptual but functional.

Who are the Belgian designers / artists / architects you like?

Dries Van Noten, Bruno Pieters, Jean Paul Lespagnard,  Bernhard Willhelm (but now he is based in Los Angeles and actually is German), Raf Simons, A. F. Vandervorst, the artist Jan Fabre, Hans Op de Beeck, Arne Quinze, and I like the the Liège-Guillemins train station designed by Calatrava.   

Any places you would like to visit in Belgium?

The Magritte Museum or the Chocolate Museum.    

What should we import from your country? 

My perfume.    

What should we export to your country?

Your fashion of course, and chocolate. You also have great graphic designers, architects, musicians…   

What are your favourite websites?

The Business of Fashion is the one I visit every day. It is also like an aggregator for fashion information. It is the only one I go to daily but otherwise I follow links. I also like AnOther, since Vice bought i-D I think they have been making great videos, Dazed Digital and NOW Fashion.