Lionel Jadot, portrait

10.04.2017 - Rachele

An atypical artist

Lionel Jadot is an atypical artist. Born in Brussels in 1969, he is all at once: an interior designer, artist, designer, filmmaker, adventurer. He enjoys defining his practice as a “Mixed Grill”. Why? Because all these disciplines are boiling in his studio in Brussels and his sketchbooks are the grill on which to cook all his inspirations, still "raw", at low fire. His approach on the other hand is not simple: it is hybrid and transverse.

© Serge Anton - Lionel Jadot portrait - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Having achieved a fine career in the development of luxurious interiors - chalets, cabins, villas, castles, hangars, lofts, penthouses and even… merry-go-rounds - this selftaught artist also creates objects of various shapes, essentially made from scrap objects. Already at the age of six, Lionel Jadot was acquainted with picking up scraps of wood or fabric from the family chairs workshop to build his own huts and toys. That is the particularity of his reproductions: a playing habit. A game where he involves many artisans to whom he assigns the execution of his ideas, bringing up to 12 tradespeople on the same project.

© Serge Anton - Lionel Jadot, Desk lamp Bamboo Edge - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

His inspiration? Constructivist architecture and modernist collages, brutalist sculpture or road trip are part of the many sources of inspiration to his works. On top of this, the raw materials are mingled with valuable essences in a procedure of extreme sophistication. This meticulous effort, boosted by these rich and sometimes contrasted influences, springs his creations far above a simple assembly of raw elements.

© Serge Anton - Lionel Jadot, LJ13 moto Primal wheels - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Last year, Lionel Jadot presented some of his creations: a traditional linen cabinet that he covers with roofing, an old tapestry overtaped with motorcycle emblems, a trunk that becomes the chassis of a real motorcycle… For each project, Jadot defies himself to create something completely new, and his ambition leads him to never take the usual solution path. In a nutshell, not codes or procedures to follow, the artist sees an adventure in every one of his projects.

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© Serge Anton - Lionel Jadot, LJ15 chair Calibre - BELGIANBOUTIQUE


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