The Magritte Experience Knokke

28.06.2017 - Editorial board

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint.”

August 15th will be the 50th anniversary of Rene Magritte’s death, and to commemorate the historic surrealist, WPG has helped curate the Knokke Magritte Experience. Around town, a series of immersive events will pay tribute to Magritte’s life’s work, and aims to inspire visitors of all ages.

A virtual reality experience set up in a larger-than-life bowler hat will allow guests to take breathtaking, surrealist look at Magritte’s world and view things through his perspective. Nearby, the Knokke Casino will open its famous Enchanted Domain in the Magritte room to visitors of the Experience, which is normally closed to the public. Inside, Magritte’s largest painting, “The Enchanted Realm” is on display.

Family activities include an app-based scavenger hunt across town and various creative activities available to children. A large tent is set up with a treasure hunt where young kids may explore a colorful world of art and design to earn a ‘Magritte diploma’. Parents are invited to relax by the beach and enjoy a cocktail at the Magritte Bar. A special gift shop will be available for merchandise and memorabilia.

Main Magritte Experience attractions on the beach near the Casino will run daily from 11:00 to 18:00, June 30 to September 3, 2017. Activities will cost up to € 14.95, but discounts for students, seniors, youth, and families will be available.