Hellhole.Brussels Welcomes President Trump

23.05.2017 - Editorial board

With a first anniversary coinciding with a historic visit, HELLHOLE.BRUSSELS, a free-spirited virtuoso/tourist project, hopes to embrace the Brussels underbelly and promote local talent.

In their weekly exhibitions of Brussels creatives, Hellhole intends to open new doors through communication tactics that encourage exploration. To celebrate a vibrant week of politics, Hellhole has curated a takeover of the city, planning to paint the town blue with limited-edition posters created to welcome the Donald. The attached design kicks off a campaign tied to Brussels’ own arch-angel Michael, who patrons the city to vanquish evil spirits.

Plans to expand are already underway, with a weekly profile series open to creatives across town who are interested in joining the movement. Curious souls are welcome to make themselves known by creating a profile on the site.

Hellhole is currently plotting a locally-designed and printed t-shirt series, elaborating on the story of the arch-angel and developing his role in defending all that makes Brussels great.