Film of the week : Walter Swennen - The Crimson Tongue

05.04.2020 - Editorial

Each week Xavier Hufkens gallery will present a film about one of their artists (available for streaming for a limited time). 

This week : Walter Swennen -The Crimson Tongue (2017) - A film by Violaine de Villers

Born just post-war, Walter Swennen has been producing a polymorphous and inventive body of work since the 80s, characterised by its independence and its radical experimentation. When words fail and meanings get muddled, painting steps up, making light of the arbitrariness of images and words. Swennen moves from Brussels to New York, and helped by a team of curators of contemporary art, we are drawn into this painter-philosopher’s world, in which Buster Keaton bumps into Titian, Krazy Cat rides a Dadaesque hobbyhorse, Mickey Mouse puts ears on Mallarmé, and The Ramones jam with Thelonious Monk.

Exclusively available here until Friday 17 April, 4pm CET

© Walter Swennen The Crimson Tongue (2017)  A film by Violaine de Villers