Expo 58 in a graphic novel

27.03.2017 - Rachele

The Universal Exhibition of 1958, held from 17 April to 19 October 1958, has left a historical mark on Belgium. More than an exhibition, it was also a way to shine light on Brussel’s architecture. With broadened boulevards and renovated buildings, the Belgian capital felt rejuvenated. Built for the occasion, the Atomium has since then become one of the most unmissable landmarks in Brussels.

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The Exhibition - besides the event itself - was a great success and was made possible with the help of certain women who, at the time, invented a job that was not yet known: hostessing. "Sourire 58" is a novel that tells the story of these women who represented joy and happiness throughout the Universal Exhibition. They were close to certain world leaders and general visitors, as well as their secrets. Kathleen, the book’s heroine, fulfilled her dreams by becoming a hostess and found herself involved in events threatening certain procedures related to the Universal Exhibition of Brussels. Will she overcome them?

© Sourire 58 - Plate of graphic novel in process- BELGIAN BOUTIQUE

The graphic novel is currently in the making and thanks to the crowdfunding platform Sandawe and the winning trio behind the story, Patrick Weber, Baudouin Deville and Nicolas Anspach, anyone can take part in production process. Depending on the donation of each participant, the crowdfunder gets a bonus. On top of this, the story writers frequently unveil their work in progress by sharing it with the community.

"Sourire 58", in collaboration with Atomium asbl, will be released in March 2018, for the Atomium’s 60th anniversary. Find all the informations on : http://www.sandawe.com/fr/projets-auto-finances/sourire-58 

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