Con-fine-d Belgian talent : THI-THI NGUYEN, co-founder of WEAREOSKAR

15.04.2020 - Editorial
© Portrait of Thi-Thi Nguyen

Belgian Boutique presents "Con-fine-d Belgian talent"

. In this series we will reach out to Belgian talent we love and follow. We will learn how they are living this particular period and discover their favourite Belgian places, people, products and brands.

Belgian Boutique présent "Les talents belges confinés". Dans cette série, nous contacterons des talents belges que nous adorons et suivons. Nous apprendrons comment ils vivent cette période particulière et découvrirons leurs coups de coeur belges.

1. Please introduce yourself in 19 words. / Veuillez vous présenter en 19 mots. 

Co-founder of WEAREOSKAR: a Brussels-based creatives & photography duo. Expertise: still life photography with a playful and surrealistic approach.

Image & concept by ©weareoskar
Image & concept by ©weareoskar

2. What has been your food / drink discovery (delivery, new product(s), new recipe) during this lock-down? Quelle grande découverte alimentaire (boisson, plat, livraison, nouveau produit, nouvelle recette) avez-vous faite pendant ce confinement ?

Vegan Schnitzel by Gaz Oakley, a 26 year old chef, author & youtuber (avantgardevegan) originally from Wales UK. It’s a super simple recipe but it’s delicious and really tastes like authentic schnitzels. I slightly changed the recipe by adding golden, black and green sesame seeds (wasabi) to the breadcrumbs. You can find the written recipe on or the video version on Youtube.


3. Did you discover any new Belgian artists these last weeks? In the fields of music / design / art / architecture...? / Avez-vous découvert de nouvelles forces créatives belges ces dernières semaines ? En musique, art, design, architecture… ? 

I recently discovered the artwork of a young Belgian artist of Vietnamese origin: Sarah Tuan Adam Nguyen. She makes very beautiful handmade embroidery and probably finds her inspiration in her Asian roots (old woodblock printings for example) and in her passion for ethnic or graphic tattoos as well. Which both of course speaks to me ;-)

Another young Belgian artist whose work I also like and who is certainly to be followed closely is Alyssia Belloso, an artisan ceramic. Her handmade ceramics are beautiful and of great poetic finesse.

Nortstudio is an Antwerp based studio founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker. He’s an industrial engineer, she’s a graphic designer. And that’s what makes them a very symbiotic creative duo producing candy-colored and geometrical furniture (that I uber like!).

© Alyssia Belloso
© Sushiiii San
© Nortstudio

4. Any Belgian websites : news; entertainment, shopping... you can recommend? / Pourriez-vous recommander des sites belges: nouvelles, loisirs, shopping… ? (fully functional very soon). If you’re looking for all-natural, environmentally-friendly shampoo bars with no scary chemical additives, you will be able to purchase them soon on this website. There are different ayurvedic organic shampoo bars and they’re entirely handmade with essential oils, vegetal powder and oil by a couple of friends here in Brussels. We did very cool images of their products (for their new website) that we tested ourselves out of curiosity and since then, we only use their solid shampoos! - I love this German-born designer, owner of her brand and based in Antwerp. With a background work experience at Comme des Garçons and Dries van Noten, she designs top-notch clothes for babies and children inspired by the world of ballet and circus adapted in her unconventional way. is the online shop of the Belgian design office that I mentioned earlier. is a Belgian online shop that brings unique and exclusive Scandinavian interior products and brands closer to us. is an online shop where you can order affordable limitededition prints of photographers represented by Initials L.A. By launching this online store, they’re showing their support to their photographers during this health crisis which I think is very nice of them.

CLEMENT SALON ©weareoskar

5. How do you relax? / Comment vous relaxez-vous?

I usually relax by doing my yoga session every other day watching online classes released every day by the yoga studio where I usually go. They’re also doing this in order to support their yoga teachers (donation system) during the lockdown. Otherwise, when the weather is nice, I go for a walk with my Arnaud, husband (the other half of our creative and photography duo) and my children in the woods around our house.

6. What should we all learn from this lock-down? / Que devrions-nous tous apprendre de ce lock-down ?

Apart from reflecting upon our business during this lockdown phase, we learned to work at a different pace. We now have time to take our time or to spend quality time with our family, to do the little things that we usually do not have the time to do. And above all, the lockdown has taught us to evolve, be resilient to change and overcome the
challenges. We’re all facing this problem in the world, so we all know that not everyone is lucky to see another day with this awful virus. We have become aware of the importance of life and how lucky we are to get a chance to be at home with our loved ones. We’ll especially feel the economic consequences once the lockdown is lifted, but let’s stay positive and believe in what Nietzsche has remarkably and famously said: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

7. What will you do first when we can move freely again? / Que ferez-vous en premier lorsque nous pourrons à nouveau circuler librement ?

Seeing our family and friends is probably the first thing we’ll do. Then, we will: go to the restaurants, go eat an ice cream, bargain hunting at flea markets, buy vinyls and books in second-hand stores, go out with friends, fix an appointment with the hairdresser, go to yoga classes. Anyway, we definitely are not short of ideas ;-)

8. What place in your house has become your personal hot-spot. / Quel endroit de votre logement est devenu votre hot-spot personnel ?

We are fortunate to have our office/photo studio on the ground floor of the house. For us, the confinement did not change much the configuration of the space to work. With Arnaud my husband and partner, we each take turns taking care of the children several times a day while the other works at ease downstairs.

Office / studio ©weareoskar

9. What games do you play / did you rediscover? / A quels jeux jouez-vous / Quels jeux avez-vous redécouverts ?

I don't play more than usual, but I play a puzzle game, Candy Crush Friends Saga, a few minutes every other day on my iPhone. Otherwise, it's mostly reading news or watching movies and tv series.

10. What has been your latest online buy? Do you recommend? / Quel a été votre dernier achat en
ligne ? Vous le recommandez?

My last online purchase was an app for my 5-year-old son. He very rarely has the iPad in his hands but when he can have it, we want him to use playful tools to stimulate his mind or inspire his creativity. So I paid for a cool children's app that teaches him how to make music by creating loops and sequences. Plus the game design is very attractive. It's called LOOPIMAL by Yatatoy.

You can discover and the enjoy the work of We are Oskar on


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