Bozar Night

26.04.2017 - Rachele

Four major exhibitions, electronic music from UK to Belgium, all in one night

© 2017 Bozar - Pol Bury, 49 boules sur un plan incliné mais surélevé - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Don’t miss it.
On April 30th, starting at 20:00, the Bozar will be hosting four exhibitions simultaneously, together with furiously paced electronic music to dance to. For this year’s edition, discover the Belgian Pol Bury’s captivating world of circular sculptures, mobile works, fountains, jewellery and more. Pol Bury is one of the founders of kinetic art. Then, meander through the blue works of the French Yves Klein, known for his interpretations of his ideas on spiritual infinitude and his penchant for mystic rituals.

© 2017 Bozar - Yves Klein, Untitled pink sponge relief - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

During the exhibitions you may also wander, in order to aim your eyes and ears at the musical vibes. An international line up of producers and DJs shining a fresh light on one of the most stylish dancefloors. A perfect combination, ready to enamor you.
Nathan Fake, a British electronic ace, has recently announced a new musical direction in his career. He will present his music with a specially crafted audio-visual showcase.

© 2017 Bozar - Nathan Fake, portrait, Ninja Tune - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Front De Cadeaux are DJ Athome and Hugosan, the latter runs the Roccodisco label with the Italian disco genius Rodion. The fine Belgian DJ Athome has been frequently spinning Italo Wave and House in Belgium since the 1990s. Both DJs have expertly produced their own brand of Supreme Rallentato - playing exclusively long vinyl sessions using 45 rpm (revolutions per minute) discs slowed down to 33 rpm. In a nutshell, this is a duo that is worth the listen!  
Last but not least is Amélie Lens, who is one of the most important names when it comes to Belgian electronic music. As a producer, Lens has released a variety of promising tracks that constantly reveal her creativity when she digs into percussive techno. As a DJ, she feels and feeds her dancefloor with a strong sense of scale, and bestows her love for intelligent techno while intensifying its complex beauty.

© 2017 Bozar - Amélie Lens, portrait - BELGIANBOUTIQUE


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