The Darwin Tank, Belgian jellyfish aquarium

12.10.2015 - Dries Tack

Since its conception in 2014, The Darwin Sect showcases a vast array of insects, beautifully staged in Napoleonic era globes. Founders Florence Samain and Dave Monfort are passionate about letting people discover the natural beauty occurring in the world around us. To do so they continuously search for new inspiration which can reawaken childlike wonder. They just imagined a new way to connect you with the limitless ingenuity of nature.


Enjoy the natural beauty of the jellyfish.

Sit back and rejoice in the subtle, fluid movements of your jellyfish in a beautiful habitat specially designed for them. Let the shadows cast on the walls and ceiling hypnotize you. Scrutinize their alien anatomy through the curved dome of the globe, which acts as a magnifying glass. Perfectly rounded and with fluid lines which echo the delicate shape of the creatures within, the Darwin Tank gives the impression there is but a single membrane between the water and the air. A drop of the ocean holding delicate life, right in your homeā€¦

After months of research, the first prototype!

Jellyfish are surprisingly poor swimmers, and are carried along by currents, no matter how weak. This is why we devised a system allowing the pump to aspirate the water without harming the jellyfish. After months of extensive research, several prototypes and the valuable advice about fluid dynamics from Professor Jeroen van Beeck from the von Karman Institut, we perfected our StreamMaker. Rigged with LEDs, our 375mm high prototype allows us to admire the evolution of 3 adult Aurelia aurita jellyfish.

To launch their poetic project they need you to help them kickstart this adventure!

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