The 3rd Belgian edition of The Designers’ Christmas Tree : your chance to make this year's Christmas extra unique

04.11.2015 - Dries Tack

On the 30th of November 2015, The Hotel Brussels will open its doors to art lovers, collectors and design enthusiasts at the 3rd Belgian edition of The Designers’ Christmas Trees gala dinner and auction in support of BIG against breast cancer.

Guests will have the chance to admire and purchase original pieces depicting the « vision of the traditional Christmas tree » of a diverse range of top artists and designers, with an array of different styles, ideas and philosophies. Why not have a bit of originality in your living room this year? 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a « 6-hands » gala dinner will be served by top chefs - Viki Geunes** of Restaurant ‘t Zilte, Stéphanie Thunus* of restaurant au Gré du Vent, Pierre Balthazar of The Restaurant, and a dessert by Marc Ducobu.

For more information and reservations please visit our website:

"A vision of Christmas"

Many top artists will be offering their vision of Christmas, including A.F. Vandevorst, Clio Goldbrenner, Edith Dekyndt, Elvis Pompilio, Glenn Sestig, Hans Op de Beeck, Hervé Van der Straeten, Koen Vanmechelen, Maison Ullens,  Muller Van Severen, Nedda El-Asmar, Oli-B, Olivier Dwek, Somey and Stella McCartney.

Here is a sample of what you could experience at The Designers’ Christmas Trees :

A.F. Vandevorst:  "Our Christmas tree represents a waterfall of candle wax, made out of 100 burning candles. In this way, our Christmas wall is constantly in motion. For us, a candle is a strong universal symbol, which represents different emotions - it can reflect celebration as well as healing in all cultures around the world. A candle can sparkle and at the same time be humble." 

Clio Goldbrenner:  "I wanted to integrate the central elements of the label by starting with the octagonal shape of the rivet, from which the chain-mail element was born. We then opted for a minimal geometric design composed of straight lines, complemented by our characteristic golden palette. It ties in with the Goldbrenner name, which means goldsmith. We also used leather so as to show our trademark expertise - we've been using different types of leather each season since the beginning of the label, which will soon celebrate its five-year anniversary."

Elvis Pompilio: "My Christmas tree is related to my work and at the same time it is a tree full of surprises and gifts. It consists of hat boxes that each contain a head covering. At the same time, it is a Russian doll as the boxes fit into each other, therefore it is easy to store for next year."

Nedda El-Asmar: When analysing the shape of a spruce or fir, the tree has different levels of detail to be discovered. From far away, the tree shows itself as a cone. Coming closer the cone reveals cut-outs on the sides. Approaching the tree even more, you will notice the radial and horizontally oriented branches until you can see and feel a myriad of needles." 

Oli-B: "The Christmas tree reminds me of memories of childhood and family. I was inspired by the iconic triangular shape of the fir tree. I like to approach simple and geometric spaces and embed them into abstract forms. I focused on the graphics - the shapes of decorations, colours, lights are represented in a minimalist and abstract way – I feel that the tree transforms into an organic composition, lively and colourful.”

Stella McCartney : "For the 3rd Belgian edition of The Designers’ Christmas Trees, Stella McCartney has created a bright, light and contemporary tree that captures the fun of Christmas. Featuring wooden stacked boxes with perspex side panels to create spaces, it recreates the traditional Christmas tree shape with a modern twist. Cream and bright white neon stars fill each box to add to the festive feel."


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