Who will be nominated future luxury talent of Belgium?

28.02.2019 - Editorial

Together with branding studio Escritoire and luxury business network Epiqurium we are looking to find, award and promote the work of Belgian talent shaping the future of luxury.

We are looking for geniuses who are making or will make the difference in the most upmarket fields of arts, design, fashion, architecture, accessories & jewellery, travel & experiences and food & gastronomy.

For centuries, Belgium has been known for its talent and delicate sense of aesthetics. From world renowned masters in art to leading Belgian designers in fashion houses. Belgium has been « producing » the most interesting artists and finest craftsmen for years.

We are curious to find out who will amaze the world in the years to come. Are you or do you know someone who will surprise and impress us in the near future? If so, please let us know. Submit or apply by mail to future@belgianboutique.com with :

- Family Name
- First Name
- Date of Birth 
- Email Address
- Phone Number
- Brand / Project description max 500 words
- Website

Apply before 30 April 2019 to enter the 2019 selection. 12 talents will be chosen and presented through a written interview and video report on www.belgianboutique.com. The interviews and reports will be heavily promoted on social media.

The board of luxury network Epiqurium and its members will vote for the winner who will receive:

- a branding analysis and strategy by Escritoire
- graphic design and print support
- a complimentary Epiqurium business partner membership
- an extensive promotional social media campaign
- the most amazing gift box by all Epiqurium partners

We are sure the future looks bright.


Le Cerf Vert Dinant