Brussels' Art-Déco & Art-Nouveau patrimonium shines in "The Danish Girl", nominated 4 times for the 2016 Oscars

18.01.2016 - Dries Tack

Brussels has served as the backdrop for "The Danish Girl", the new film from Tom Hooper (The King's Speech, Les Miserables, etc.), coming to theatres next Wednesday. It is the untouched Art-Déco & Art-Nouveau spirit that attracted the director and allowed the capital to play a leading role in this bio-pic.

To recreate the artistic ambience of the early 20th century, some great locations from the architectural heritage of Brussels have been immortalised in the film by the English director Tom Hopper. Thanks to the Brussels Film Office, the Horta Museum, Maison Max Hallet, Hôtel Hannon and even the "A la Mort Subite" bar bore witness to the gradual on-camera transformation of Lili Elbe, born Einar Wegener (played by Eddie Redmayne, Oscar for Best Actor 2015). 

Brussels Art-Déco & Art-Nouveau sublimated by the vibrant aesthetics of the film "The Danish Girl", nominated four times for the 2016 Oscars

Adapted from the best seller by David Ebershoff, the film tells the story of the Danish artist who in 1930 was the first person to undergo sex reassignment surgery. With an impressive cast (Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Ben Whishaw, Sebastian Koch, Amber Heard and Matthias Schoenaerts), "The Danish Girl" has already been nominated for the 2016 Oscars before it has even been released, and it promises to be the great success of early 2016.

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