Van Dender

Fine food

A chocolate story. 
Cocoa beans have an amazing past: originally used as means of payment and then discovered by the Mayas and Aztecs as the base of the divine food we are all familiar with: chocolate. If one looks closely, the Van Dender logo invokes the Mayan world of gods as well as the cocoa tree, named Theobroma in Latin - which also means food of the gods. That’s how Herman Van Dender got his chocolate story. It all started when in 1957, his father Charles starts up the bakery. Herman learnt fast from his father and took over the company in 1988. Since then he developed his skills in pastry making throughout Europe and Asia, was awarded 6 medals for the World Cup of Pastry in Lyon (France) and ended up visiting cocoa plantations on the Ivory Coast with his wife in 2013. One year later the chocolate factory started beating...