Fine food

A passion for producing superior quality.

Upignac was founded in 1984 by the Petit family particularly passionate about the exceptional product we know as foie gras. The same year, the family begins welcoming small ducks to their farm in Assonleville, located in Upigny (region of Namur, Belgium). The rich grass that surrounded the farm allowed optimal breeding conditions. The following year, Michel Petit decides to produce and sell his own fresh duck foie gras himself and distribute it vacuum-packed at a time when Belgian consumers were only familiar with prepared duck products from France. That is how the name Upignac came about: the name resonates with the sounds of the Southwest of France.

The company started selling Upignac foies gras at the farm the following year and a network of boutiques sprang up. In 1993, growth in demand forced Upignac to invest in the construction of a spacious workshop close to the farm that met strict European norms.




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