Technique Indiscrete, the only Belgian nose.

Health & beauty
The brand “Technique Indiscrete” results from the works of Louison Libertin. Born in Antwerp, Louison Libertin graduated from the Beaux-Arts. He then left Belgium to settle in Paris, where he launched his first collection. Attracted to perfume, he simultaneously started a perfume school in Paris and the European School of Herbalists in Brussels.
Upon graduating he went to work at Charabot where he learned to master perfume composition. His first perfumes were created in his kitchen.
Today, his perfumes, candles and soaps can be found in France, Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, Japan and recently the United States and are distributed in niche perfume apothecaries and multi-label boutiques.
14 Eaux de Parfums were born: Indiscrete, Veloutine, Paname Paname, Plaisir d’Amour, Santa Subita, Safran Nobile, Delivre Moi, My burning Secret, Monarchy, Sainte Extaxe, Eau de Bruxelles, Eau d'Anvers, Carmel Snow.


Fashion / Luxury