Sara Esther

Jewellery & watches

Sara Esther was brought up by a family of jewellers. Passionate about handcrafted goods, she studied at the “Arts et Métiers” school of Brussels before creating her own brand in 2013. Her distinct style shows talent and diversity as she works on conventional and classic pieces to share her vision of aesthetism while creating jewellery with sensitivity and timelessness. As inspirational and instinctive, Sara Esther conveys a craft tradition, creates jewellery with sense, emotion, that are simply born of a genuine desire. Her creations reflect her passion for the history of jewellery. These are pieces that we wear for a lifetime and that we transmit to our peers. Her authentic know-how makes her creative and high-quality work possible.

Craftsmen send a message to the world with their creations; the one of Sara Esther is a declaration of love to freedom of creation and traditional values.


Craftsmanship / Luxury