Pierre Marcolini, Haute Belgian Chocolaterie

Fine food

Belgian chocolate expert Pierre Marcolini is renowned for being one of the world’s finest chocolate makers. Born in 1964 in Charleroi, Belgium, he knew he wanted to be a chocolatier by the age of 14. Since that day, he has been fighting and working his way up. For Pierre Marcolini, each day is a new opportunity to amaze and surprise.

Pierre Marcolini has an amazing CV : “Best Apprentice in Belgium” in 1988, “Best Worker in Belgium” (the youngest ever to receive this award), 1st prize at the “Mandarine Napoléon International” competition in 1991. Since then he’s won a string of awards: a silver medal at the Tokyo World Championship in 1992, and again in Lyon in 1993. In 1995, he was crowned “World Pastry Champion”.

Bean-to-bar philosophy

Pierre Marcolini is an innovator and purist. He creates his chocolates according to a bean-to-bar principle, selecting the beans himself and carefully working on every process up until the final product.

Maison Pierre Marcolini now numbers some thirty stores in Belgium, Paris, London and Japan.