Philippe Martens

Outdoor / Sports

"This surfboard is stronger and lighter than a traditional surfboard and its price is similar, but… it’s sustainable!" This is Philippe Martens’ message to the surfing community. A surfer himself, this industrial designer has long since been working on natural alternatives to conventional boards. On a parallel to his handcrafted production of wooden boards, here he experiments with flax fibre surfaces: a material that is both more environmentally friendly and efficient than fibreglass, as is usually used, but also a traditional material from his native West Flanders, now becoming an innovative material! This ultra-resistant fibre, developed alongside the company Verilin, comes to warm a reclaimed and recycled surfing heart. The whole thing is treated with an organic epoxy resin. “Nature is our playground. Standing on a surfboard that doesn’t respect it makes no sense at all”, he says.