Mya Bay

Accessories / Jewellery & watches

Sophie Johnen has been designing the Mya Bay jewellery range as a reflection of her own audacious, slightly crazy yet elegant style. Her first non-coincidental piece slave bracelet reflects her very first memory of jewellery that dates back to when her grandmother would give her saccalava bracelets: traditional rigid bracelets worn by women from the Indian ocean. Sophie reflects her personality and emotions by engraving messages that touch her on her creations: one can notice positive meanings, with a touch of "tchiqueboum" - Sophie's motto - on her bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. 

The artist also gets her inspiration from nature, art, Japanese calligraphy and textures. Her line of jewellery has been designed in order for one to mix each piece together with other jewels and they can be worn every day and for any occasion. 




Le Cerf Vert Dinant