Magda Lenova

Jewellery & watches

Magda Lenova, the young fine jewelery designer, has been a fashion model since the age of 15. She discovered her love and the grace of the jewel by lending her face to Maison Mauboussin. Like a rough diamond, her desire to create jewelry herself has slowly matured. When she entered her 30s, she started launching her own collections, under her name, after completing a diamond grader training and graduating from HRD Antwerp.

Magda sculpts drawings of gold and diamonds, watermarking each of her pieces. The diamond, master of all stones, fascinates her most with all of its facets: "cut, it becomes hypnotic". Her collections, linear, architectural and pure, are interpreted in white and pink gold. Magda’s creative world is inspired by fashion and her travel experiences: "I like what is graphic and structured. An architecture, a painting, a garment.”

Her jewelry is fine by conviction; she cultivates the refinement of small pieces, and her collections are handmade in Antwerp. The radical, modern and timeless lines reflect the desire of the time to adapt to the curves of the body. This young active mother, calibrates her collections for her generation, at affordable prices, from 960 €.