Julien Carretero Studio

Interior design

Born in Paris, studied in France, England and Eindhoven and opened his studio in Brussels in 2012, Julien Carretero's studio is a multidisciplinary practice involved in the design of objects, furniture, lighting, processes, interiors, workshops and exhibitions. His works primarily represent the crossover between craftmanship and industry, through either the transformation of artisanal techniques into serial production processes or the use of heavy industrial facilities as simple mediums. 
Julien's p
rojects have been internationally exhibited in renowned venues and events such as the Triennale di Milano, Design Miami/ Basel, the Tokyo 21_21 Design Sight Museum, the New York Museum of Art and Design, the Saatchi gallery and many others. He has also been teaching, lecturing and giving workshops in various countries across Europe and his work features in many major design books and publications worldwide.