Jules Destrooper

Fine food

In 1885, Jules Destrooper opened his first bakery in Lo. The shop was much more than a bakery. It was a famous place for its exotic wares from Africa and Asia such as coffee, tea, tobacco and chocolate. Jules Destrooper was the first baker to use exotic spices in his biscuits. One of his customers was the Hotel Teirlinck's owner, who served the biscuits to her British customers. The customers rapidly came back for more and the orders started to roll in.
From then on, Jules Destrooper decided to dedicate his business to the production of these tasty biscuits.

In 1956, Jean and Hubert take the company at hand and develop the distribution side. They come up with new classics such as the Butter Crisp and Caramelized Biscuits. They also introduce new technologies. As a result, the biscuits could be preserved longer, paving the way for global exports.
Patriek and Peter Destrooper purchase the Biscuiterie in 1984 and work on expanding and automating the original factory in Lo. In 1986, they open a second factory in Ieper. Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper celebrates its 100th anniversary.
In the new millennium, Jules Destrooper is awarded official supplier to the Belgian Court, an exclusive honour for suppliers with an impeccable reputation. 

Today, the company continues to bake biscuits according to the secret family recipe developed by Jules Destrooper.




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