Health & beauty

The story is set in the 1950s. At his « Haute Coiffure » salons (in Brussels, on the rue Marché-aux-Herbes), Roger Delbove practised with dedication and passion the art of total capillary care. As obsessed with aesthetics as with science, he came to realise that skin and hair-care are truly linked. In the following years, whilst expanding his network of salons in Belgium (Charleroi, Brussels, Liège, Antwerp), Roger DELBOVE, a hardened researcher, combined conferences and research to deepen his knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms of the skin. He then becomes one of the top 10 cosmetologists in his time. 

In 1965, a star is born: the Crème Sorcière – name conceived by a delighted user – is created in the Delbôve laboratory in Forest (Brussels). From 1967 to 1971. In order to offer its clients a comprehensive and totally personalised approach, Maison Delbôve innovates by combining, under one roof, a hair salon and a beauty salon dedicated to the Sorcière treatments. A revolution!

Today, Maison Delbôve is a unique establishment where one can (re)discover the preciously-kept secrets of these exceptional treatments and learn how they can reveal your beauty – every day.