Cosmik Vodka

Fine food

Cosmik Vodka was founded by the Belgian, Thierry Van Renterghem. He began to take an interest in vodka when he spent more than a year in a hospital after an injury during a football match in Mouscron (Belgium) in 1992. There he read the theorem of the perfect vodka from the well-known scientist, Mendelev. When Thierry finally decided to design his own vodka, he used this theorem as a base to develop his very own recipe. At the time, he needed an appropriate distillery, so he called a childhood friend who owns one in France. They began to collaborate, and the result was astounding! At first, Thierry wanted to make a fruit-based one, but the pure vodka was so delicious, that he had no other choice than to commercialise it. That’s how Cosmik Pure Diamond was born! Later on, Thierry extended the product range with the Sweet Lemon and Blood Orange with a Pure Diamond basis.