Celine Daoust

Accessories / Jewellery & watches

Ever since her childhood, Céline D'aoust has always been fascinated by stones. During her early years, she remembers playing with her grandmother's precious jewellery which has made her develop a passion for their symbolic value. Later on, she acquired the knowledge of the energy-inducing properties of gems and stones by her mother. In 2009, Céline divulged her signature collection, working with exceptional precious and semi precious stones. Since then, each year she travels back and forth to Jaipur where she meticulously selects each stone she will work on. 

With her exceptional gems and authentic savoir-faire, Céline has developed a passion for the remarquable palette of tourmaline jewels. She also likes to work with different types of diamonds, rough, sliced, rosecut, polka and shades from light grey, grey, to black diamond. 


Craftsmanship / Luxury


Le Cerf Vert Dinant